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April 20, 2016 Global

How are “e-patients” transforming healthcare?

One of the best known e-patients, “e-patient Dave”,Dave deBronkart explains in this video how patients are achieving more power in their relationships with doctors and researchers because of the distribution of education and information on the Internet and connections made in social media during the Conference of the European Society for Medical Oncology #ESMO14 celebrated in Madrid in 2014.



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March 28, 2016 Europe

Joining Up Care Where We Live

In April 2015 the charity Access Dorset published a video titled “Joining Up Care Where We Live”, in which citizens and patients are interviewed about their experiences with care coordination. Some respondents felt that care coordination still needs to improve. For example, according to a member of the Lypoedema and Lymphoedema Support Group, "the hospitals don't talk to the GPs" . According to a passer-by interviewed on the street, the “most unnerving thing” for a patient going to the hospital is to be asked: “So why are you here?”. On the other hand, one respondent who has a heart defect ...

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Feb. 29, 2016 Global

The Users’ Perspective: What Integrated Care should look like

At the International Conference on Integrated Care 2014, Robert Johnstone, Trustee of the International Alliance of Patients’ Organisations, gave a talk titled "The Users’ Perspective: What Integrated Care should look like". Having had chronic rheumatoid arthritis since the age of three, he shared his personal story of moving away from being “a very passive recipient of care” to becoming "a self-managing patient”. When he was about fourteen years old, he told his rheumatologist that eating acidic food seemed to make his pain worse. The rheumatologist replied that this was not possible, so because he trusted his doctor he kept eating ...

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Feb. 9, 2016 Americas

Partnering with patients to improve care: essential skills and strategies.

This link provides the contents from the conference organized by the McGill University Health Centre’s Institute for Strategic Analysis and Innovation (MUHC-ISAI), regarding patient centered health care systems.

The opening conference was performed by Angela Coulter, who reviewed the patient engagement history in health care systems and gave a broad overview on how patients could be involved in the entire functioning of the system.

In the website there can also be found the materials corresponding to the following six sessions:

  • Patient engagement leadership.
  • Patient partnership: recruitment, training, governance and evaluation.
  • How does the patient experience drive improvement?
  • Building capacity ...

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