IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services



SUSTAIN is a cross-European research project and stands for sustainable tailored integrated care for older people in Europe. The project aims to concretely improve the way care services for older adults are organised and delivered across Europe, and especially for those who have multiple health and social care needs.SUSTAIN is a cross-European project with thirteen partners from nine countries. SUSTAIN is working with fourteen initiatives in seven participating countries. These initiatives aim to achieve integrated care for older people living at home and SUSTAIN will support them in further improving this care.

The project consortium has produced a series of video-interviews aimed at sharing the early experience of professionals directly involved in the implementation of the project within the SUSTAIN sites. In particular, we aimed at getting views and opinions on motivations, goals and objectives, implementation challenges and cross-countries exchenges between the SUSTAIN sites.

The first round of videos focuses on feedbacks from four professionals from both the healthcare and the social services of the County of Osona, one of the two sites working in direct connection with AQuAS, the Catalunya-based partner of the project.