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July 3, 2023 Global

Population health management in primary health care: a proactive approach to improve health and well-being: primary heath care policy paper series


Population health management can play a critical role in strengthening primary health care (PHC) by providing a data-driven, people-centred and proactive approach to managing the health and well-being of a defined population. By identifying subgroups with similar characteristics and needs, population health management can enable PHC providers to move from a one-size-fits-all approach to targeted and tailored interventions that account for the needs of different groups and individuals. By focusing on the social determinants of health and psychosocial needs, population health management can help PHC providers in adopting a holistic and proportionate universalism approach to address health inequalities at ...

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July 3, 2023 Western Pacific

Successes and challenges of primary health care in Australia: A scoping review and comparative analysis

Australia has achieved universal health insurance for its population since 1975 - a major step forward for increasing access to primary care (PC). Nevertheless, there are reports of several multi-layered challenges, including inequity, that persist. This analysis aims to undertake a scoping review of the success, explanatory factors, and challenges of Primary Health Care (PHC) in Australia guided by the World Health Organization (WHO)-defined key characteristics of good PC.

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June 28, 2023 Global

Civil society feedback on the Zero Draft of the 2023 Political Declaration on UHC

The 2023 UN High-Level (HLM) Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) provides countries and all stakeholders with the opportunity to not just recommit to UHC but take concrete actions toward building resilient and equitable health systems. While some progress has been made since the 2019 HLM on UHC that resulted in a comprehensive Political Declaration, more than half of the world’s population still lacks access to essential health services. The situation was further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the UHC2030 Co-Chairs recently stated in their reflection on the UHC Political Declaration 2023 Zero Draft, Member States must show ...

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June 27, 2023 Americas

Case study of an integrated health and social care initiative for geriatric patients in rural Alberta

Rural regions in Canada are aging faster than urban centers, but access to health and social care is limited. Integrated health and social care (IHSC) through collaboration across different health and social care organizations can support enhanced care for older adults living in rural regions. However, IHSC is not well understood within a rural Canadian context.

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June 22, 2023 Global

Inter-Disciplinary Work in the Context of Integrated Care – a Theoretical and Methodological Framework

Inter-disciplinary team working is an essential mechanism for the delivery of integrated care. This paper summarises a narrative review of the research on the ‘work’ that teams do to develop inter-disciplinary practices, addressing the question ‘How do interdisciplinary teams ‘become’ in the context of models of integrated care?’.

The narrative review identities a gap in our understanding of the active boundary work that different disciplines working together to deliver care integration engage in when creating new interdisciplinary knowledge, creating an inter-disciplinary team identity and negotiating new social and power relations. This gap is particularly significant in relation to the role ...

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June 20, 2023 Americas

Use of a Self-Report Electronic Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment by an Interprofessional Integrated Care Team to Support Older Adults Living with Frailty: A Pilot Project

Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) is effective in supporting older persons with frailty, though access remains limited by human resource shortages. We investigated the feasibility and acceptability of a self-re- port CGA instrument to support care planning by an Integrated Care Team (ICT).

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June 16, 2023 South-East Asia

Integrated Care for Older People: Theories and Practices

As the first Chinese monograph to explicitly connect the “Yiyang Jiehe” with “integrated care for older people”, this book presents readers with a thorough overview of integrated care for older people, from theoretical content, management tools, to practices in China and international learning.

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June 14, 2023 Global

Declaration of Astana

The Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana, Kazakhstan in October 2018 endorsed a new declaration emphasizing the critical role of primary health care around the world. The declaration aims to refocus efforts on primary health care to ensure that everyone everywhere is able to enjoy the highest possible attainable standard of health.

The new declaration has renewed political commitment to primary health care from Governments, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations, academia and global health and development organizations. It will be used to inform the UN General Assembly high-level meeting on UHC in 2019. The new declaration was also a ...

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June 14, 2023 Europe

Clinic for Multimorbidity: An Innovative Approach to Integrate General Practice and Specialized Health Care Services

Caring for patients with multimorbidity in general practice is increasing in amount and complexity. To integrate care for patients with multimorbidity and to support general practitioners (GPs), the Clinic for Multimorbidity (CM) was established in 2012 at Silkeborg Regional Hospital, Denmark. This case study aims to describe the CM and the patients seen in it.

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