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Aug. 28, 2018 Europe

Understanding new models of integrated care in developed countries: a systematic review

July 27, 2018 Africa

Priority setting for health in the context of devolution in Kenya: implications for health equity and community-based primary care

July 27, 2018 Africa

Strengthening decentralized primary healthcare planning in Nigeria using a quality improvement model: how contexts and actors affect implementation

July 27, 2018 Americas

Implementation and clinical effectiveness of a community-based non-communicable disease treatment programme in rural Mexico: a difference-in-differences analysis

July 23, 2018 Europe

Management of multimorbidity using a patient-centred care model: a pragmatic cluster-randomised trial of the 3D approach

July 23, 2018 Americas

Patient-centred care for multimorbidity: an end in itself?

July 23, 2018 South-East Asia

Vertical integrated service model: an educational intervention for chronic disease management and its effects in rural China – a study protocol

July 18, 2018 Europe

Barriers and Facilitators to Workforce Changes in Integrated Care

July 18, 2018 Americas South-East Asia

A Qualitative Study on Primary Care Integration into an Asian Immigrant-specific Behavioural Health Setting in the United States

July 3, 2018 Africa

From HIV prevention to non-communicable disease health promotion efforts in sub-Saharan Africa: A Narrative Review