IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services



To continuously strengthen PHC, countries must be able to assess how decisions, actions and investments are addressing the broader determinants of health while improving service coverage, financial risk protection, and ultimately the health of individuals and populations. As countries strive to reorient their health systems around the principles of PHC, this document responds to Member States’ request in resolution WHA72.2 on primary health care for guidance to assess, track and monitor PHC performance to accelerate progress towards UHC and the health-related SDGs. The indicators and monitoring and evaluation conceptual framework presented in this document are based on and support the 14 levers of the Operational framework for primary health care. The indicators and framework have undergone technical review and multiple stages of consultation with countries, civil society, and leading PHC academics and experts.

This document aligns with and advances WHO’s work in monitoring UHC and the SDGs, including WHO’s Thirteenth general programme of work, as well as other global health system monitoring efforts, thus minimizing the country-level reporting burden and reducing the risk of duplication. The result of this alignment and extensive consultation is a menu of indicators that countries can use and prioritize based on national context and health needs in an approach that is suited to the maturity of its health system.

Download Primary health care measurement framework and indicators

Download Primary health care measurement framework and indicators. Web Annex. Technical specifications


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