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Oct. 6, 2021 Americas

Let's Get Real: Patient Partnership to Advance Integrated Care

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21/10/21 - 21/10/21    Virtual Canada
Nov. 29, 2019 Americas

NACIC2021 – 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care, Toronto, Canada

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4/10/21 - 7/10/21    Toronto Canada
July 30, 2020 Americas Western Pacific

Webinar: Integrated care in Latin America and the Caribbean beyond COVID-19

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18/08/20 - 18/08/20    Washington D.C. time United States
June 18, 2020 Americas

Shared Governance: Working Together to Enable People-Centred Integrated Care

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24/06/20 - 24/06/20    Virtual Canada
May 22, 2020 Americas Global

Driving and accelerating a 'one system' response: why COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on Integrated Care

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27/05/20 - 27/05/20    Virtual Canada
Aug. 1, 2017 Americas

WHO Global Conference on Noncommunicable diseases: Enhancing policy coherence between different spheres of policy making that have a bearing on attaining SDG target 3.4 on NCDs by 2030

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1/08/17 - 1/08/17    Montevideo Uruguay