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March 18, 2020 Europe Publication

Towards a values framework for integrated health services: an international Delphi study

In order to organize person-centered health services for a growing number of people with multiple complex health and social care needs, a shift from fragmented to integrated health services delivery has to take place. For the organization of governance in integrated health services, it is important to better understand the underlying factors that drive collaboration, decision-making and behavior between individuals and organizations.

Dec. 23, 2020

Revisiting the future of integrated health services delivery

In this presentation, Dr. Minkman share some thoughts about the future of integrated care and integrated health services, by proposing an overview of main four components that support integrated services delivery. In addition, she presents a recent body of knowledge in this area identifying 18 underlying values of integrated service delivery in different contexts.



June 1, 2021 Global Publication

Exploring the Quality Paradigms in Integrated Care: The Need for Emergence and Reflection

There are four quality paradigms, of which the Empirical and Reference paradigm fit best in stable circumstances, and the Reflective and Emergence paradigms, which fit best in unstable circumstances.

This study aims to explore the use of the four quality paradigms in integrated care, and to shed light on the different paradigmatic commitments and different perspectives on quality.