IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


April 30, 2018 Americas

Measuring procedure for the resolute capability of basic health care teams

Introduction: the resolute capability is a quality to be taken into account to improve the performance of the integrated service networks.
Objective: to design a methodological procedure to evaluate the resolute capability of the basic health teams at the primary health care.
Methods: developmental research study of health systems and services conducted from December 2012 through February 2013. An expert working group was created in the National School of Public Health. A literature and documentary review using Big 6 model was made. Some scales were set to analyze the results to be achieved in addition to the preparation of a questionnaire, an implementation guide and also a guide to analyze and to validate the results in practice.
Results: the resulting instrument of national scope may be applied annually or biannually by the head of the basic working team and by others in the self-inspection or cross-inspection variants. The documentary evidence collected from the health situation analysis, the patient classification system and the individual medical histories were all examined. Ten medical records were selected from each group. Just one person should be in charge of filling out the model. The submitted general and specific aspects are crossed, so as to allow a contextual analysis.
Conclusions: the resolute capability of the basic working health team can be measured with working tools inherent to the primary health care level. The designed procedure contributes to integrate service networks at that level and it is recommended to validate the procedure and its measuring instrument.

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