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April 30, 2018 Americas Publication

Measuring procedure for the resolute capability of basic health care teams

Introduction: the resolute capability is a quality to be taken into account to improve the performance of the integrated service networks.
Objective: to design a methodological procedure to evaluate the resolute capability of the basic health teams at the primary health care.
Methods: developmental research study of health systems and services conducted from December 2012 through February 2013. An expert working group was created in the National School of Public Health. A literature and documentary review using Big 6 model was made. Some scales were set to analyze the results to be achieved in addition to the preparation of a questionnaire, an implementation guide and also a guide to analyze and to validate the results in practice.
Results: the resulting instrument of national scope may be applied annually or biannually by the head of the basic working team and by others in the self-inspection or cross-inspection variants. The documentary evidence ...