IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


Image by Nappiness from Pixabay.

What is person-centred care to a patient, a physician, a nurse, a hospital head of department, an industry representative and a researcher? How do these people, who all have experience of receiving or working with person-centred care, see person-centred care from their perspectives? Short film clips from the University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care - GPCC. GPCC is an in terdisciplinary research centre, established in January 2010, with the support of the Swedish government's strategic investment in health and care research. Uniquely GPCC has evaluated the effects of person-centred care in controlled studies. This has established that person-centred care is capable of enhancing the efficiency of the care process. Apart from considerable monetary savings resulting from amongst other things shorter hospital stays, significant positive effects from a patient perspective have been seen, as care is adapted to each individual person and his or her resources are made use of.

University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care