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23/07/17 - 29/07/17 Isola di San Servolo, Venice Italy

European Observatory Venice Summer school 2017: "Placing the person at the centre of the health system: concepts, strategies, results"

11/07/17 - 12/07/17 London United Kingdom

Digital Health and Care Congress 2017. Embedding technology in health and social care.

30/05/17 - 30/05/17 Avenue Appia 20, 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

GLL Webinar 2: National Quality Policy & Strategy (NQPS): The role of NQPS in driving change in health systems

22/05/17 - 31/05/17 Geneva Switzerland

70th World Health Assembly

8/05/17 - 10/05/17 Dublin Ireland

17th International Conference in Integrated Care "Building a platform for integrated care: delivering change that matters to people"

26/04/17 - 6/05/17 Dublin Ireland

Meet Integrated Care Pioneers in Edinburgh, Manchester and Wrexham!

19/04/17 - 19/04/17 Online United Kingdom

WEBINAR Integrated Care Matters Series - Community centred Palliative Care

27/03/17 - 27/03/17 London United Kingdom

The New Care Models for Integrating Health and Social Care through EHCH, PACS & MCP

15/03/17 - 15/03/17 Online United Kingdom

WEBINAR Integrated Care Matters Series - Locality Interdisciplinary Teams

2/03/17 - 2/04/17

Humanitarian Health Ethics: please, participate to the first global multi-sectoral survey on "Palliative care during international humanitarian action"