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3rd Global Nursing Congress

This conference is a place to showcase your great achievements in health research, service improvement and patient-centred care. It´s also a chance to learn from best practices from around the world. It is a truly global experience, with delegates from all over the world connecting for two intense and immensely enjoyable days of networking and presentations. With the theme "Challenges, Innovations, and Approaches in Nursing Education and Research" this event is a significant contribution and a must attend forum for all the healthcare companies, global pharma organizations, internationally renowned academic institutions, hospitals, nurses, allied health professionals, research scientist, industry and business entrepreneurs to upstream their innovative ideas and borrow latest research happenings amongst world class speakers, experts, workshops, poster and abstract presentations to elucidate new trends and the potential solutions. Register under: https://globalnursing.peersalleyconferences.com/

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United Kingdom