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Sept. 12, 2016 Americas Publication

Promoting Policy, Systems, and Environment Change to Prevent Chronic Disease: Lessons Learned From the King County Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative.

Initiatives that convene community stakeholders to implement policy, systems, environment, and infrastructure (PSEI) change have become a standard approach for promoting community health. To assess the PSEI changes brought about by the King County, Washington, Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative and describe how initiative structures and processes contributed to making changes.


June 8, 2020 Global Multimedia

Driving and Accelerating a ‘One System’ Response: Why COVID-19 has Shone a Spotlight on Integrated Care

High performing health and social care systems provide exceptional care, quality and experiences for patients, caregivers and providers. Pivotal to this, is how we work across health and social care as one team. The need for integrated care is a global priority and is poised to address fragmentation and accelerate the improvements that are needed. During a global pandemic, the need to work as an integrated system is even more pressing and gives us an opportunity to pause, reflect and respond.

In situations where systems are subjected to unprecedented pressure, organizations and sectors may respond from the lens of what can their individual organization or sector do, rather than responding as a cohesive and interconnected system.

Organizations that have embraced collaborative models of response and care and were already working to advance integration pre-pandemic appear to be more effective in responding as one connected team and community.

Through this webinar ...

May 21, 2021 Europe Publication

Integrated care systems explained: making sense of systems, places and neighbourhoods

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are partnerships that bring together providers and commissioners of NHS services across a geographical area with local authorities and other local partners to collectively plan health and care services to meet the needs of their population. The central aim of ICSs is to integrate care across different organisations and settings, joining up hospital and community-based services, physical and mental health, and health and social care. All parts of England are now covered by one of 42 ICSs.


June 15, 2021 Europe Publication

Applying Complexity Theory to a Hospital Complex Patient Care Program

Increasingly, complexity science concepts are informing health care design and practice. The present paper describes the implementation of early complexity science principles in a Complex Care Program with the aim of strengthening the provision of integrated care. Grounded in cybernetic network theory, Stafford Beer’s Viable Systems Model provided the guiding principles for the program’s redesign. The Viable Systems Model with its broadly applicable principles, is now the conceptual model of information management in the program. Beer’s framework has enabled a relatively small number of clinicians to coordinate care for a large cohort of patients with significant clinical complexity, and a multitude of providers, in the community setting.