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Oct. 7, 2019 South-East Asia Publication

The development and reform of public health in China from 1949 to 2019

Public health system plays a vital role in the development of health sector in China and protects the health of Chinese people. However, there are few comprehensive reviews and studies focusing on its evolution and reform. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the public health development in China, given that the history and structure of public health system have their own characteristics in China.

The study is a retrospective review of the development public health over seven decades in China. It presents the findings from some national or provincial survey data, interviews with key informants, reviews of relevant published papers and policy contents

Oct. 30, 2019 Europe Publication

Evaluation of integrated care services in Catalonia: population-based and service-based real-life deployment protocols.

Comprehensive assessment of integrated care deployment constitutes a major challenge to ensure quality, sustainability and transferability of both healthcare policies and services in the transition toward a coordinated service delivery scenario. To this end, the manuscript articulates four different protocols aiming at assessing large-scale implementation of integrated care, which are being developed within the umbrella of the regional project Nextcare (2016-2019), undertaken to foster innovation in technologically-supported services for chronic multimorbid patients in Catalonia (ES) (7.5 M inhabitants). Whereas one of the assessment protocols is designed to evaluate population-based deployment of care coordination at regional level during the period 2011-2017, the other three are service-based protocols addressing: i) Home hospitalization; ii) Prehabilitation for major surgery; and, iii) Community-based interventions for frail elderly chronic patients. All three services have demonstrated efficacy and potential for health value generation.

Oct. 6, 2021 Americas Event

Let's Get Real: Patient Partnership to Advance Integrated Care

Integrated Care is about bringing together a collaboration of organizations and their staff to coordinate services around patients in order to improve health and well-being outcomes and overall satisfaction with services. Integration is context driven; it requires shared vision, trusting relationships, resources and alignment across health and social service ecosystems.

This webinar will bring together patient partners and health leaders who attended the first-ever North American Conference on Integrated Care and are advancing integrated people-centred health systems (#NACIC2021).

Join this patient and family advisor-led panel to learn:

1. Insights from the recent NACIC conference: what worked, how to continue to spark engagement

2. The importance of building trust and creating safer spaces-examples that worked from your experience, and

3. How patient and family advisors can partner to advance integrated care systems.