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Jan. 26, 2016 Global Publication

The OECD Mental Health and Work Policy Framework - Integrated services for sustainable growth

Mental health is an important driver of labour market outcomes and thus affects economic growth and future development. If labour markets are to function well, it is important that policy makers address the interplay between mental health and work, as they are slowly coming to recognise that they have long neglected an issue that is critical to people’s well-being and for contributing to sustainable economic growth. This report discusses which aspects of mental health and employment interventions must be addressed to push policy making in the right direction, namely: when to intervene, how to intervene or what to do, and who needs to intervene. It draws on policy examples from nine OECD countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK), discussing why policy must make those changes and how it can achieve them. The examples are rich in nature and, taken together, provide a promising and ...