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Nov. 23, 2017 Americas Publication

Community Care for People with Complex Care Needs: Bridging the Gap between Health and Social Care

Introduction: A growing number of people are living with complex care needs characterized by multimorbidity, mental health challenges and social deprivation. Required is the integration of health and social care, beyond traditional health care services to address social determinants. This study investigates key care components to support complex patients and their families in the community.

Methods: Expert panel focus groups with 24 care providers, working in health and social care sectors across Toronto, Ontario, Canada were conducted. Patient vignettes illustrating significant health and social care needs were presented to participants. The vignettes prompted discussions on i) how best to meet complex care needs in the community and ii) the barriers to delivering care to this population.

Results: Categories to support care needs of complex patients and their families included i) relationships as the foundation for care, ii) desired processes and structures of care, and iii) barriers and workarounds for desired ...

Sept. 30, 2020 Europe Event

Integrated care and platform solutions for a better provision of health and care service

This thematic workshop is the opportunity to discuss solutions of integrated care concepts rolled out by ICT-supported primary and secondary care interventions for older people living at home. Focus will be set onto the implementation challenges and the lessons learned from projects throughout EIP on AHA Reference Sites such as the Oberbergischer Kreis, the Portuguese Amadora as well as by the multi-stakeholder open platform concept rolled out in the EU-H2020 SHAPES project.