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May 25, 2020 Americas, Europe, Western Pacific, Global Publication

The Odyssey of Integration: Is Management its Achilles’ Heel?

The importance of management to the implementation of integrated care is recognised in evidence and practice. Despite this recognition, there is a lack of clarity about what ‘good’ management of integrated care looks like, if the competences are different to management for ‘traditional’ care, and how such competences can be acquired.

Nov. 14, 2020 Europe Publication

Towards an Integrated Care Organisation from a CEO Perspective

Many experimental projects towards Person-Centred Care (PCC) are successful in the early stages, but founder when the attempt is made to scale them up to encompass the whole organisation. This case study therefore focusses on one manager’s attempts to extend the successes of a preliminary project ‘Etxean Ondo’ that aimed to provide adequate support for the elderly living at home or in nursing homes, as well as for their families and care professionals. Through in-depth interviews with stakeholders, this qualitative study, based on Grounded Theory, sets out to analyse which behaviours, attitudes and values on the part of management appeared to favour full-integration of PCC in this wider context. Analysis of the data gathered allowed the researcher to generate an experimental case model which suggests how the extrinsic, intrinsic and transcendent motivation of stakeholders can be aligned with the goals of upper management to promote full-integration of PCC in ...

July 31, 2023 Global Publication

The Integrated Care Workforce: What does it Need? Who does it Take?

The health and care workforce was under pressure long before the pandemic due to the development of new technologies, recurring policy reforms and dwindling ressources. It has though taken the outcry in the aftermath of COVID-19 for researchers and policymakers to realise that something fundamental needs to change. In the integrated care literature and in this journal, the fact that integrated care implementation does not work without the involvement and support of the workforce has been a recurring theme, but also little heeded. Concepts like the Quadruple Aim or the WHO European Framework for Action for integrated health services delivery have helped to shift the focus on workforce planning, education and training or role definitions for integrated care.