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Oct. 31, 2017 Global Publication

The dark side of social capital: A systematic review of the negative health effects of social capital

There is a growing literature demonstrating the health benefits of social capital (defined as the resources accessed thorugh social connections). However, social capital is also acknowledged to be a "double-edged" phenomenon, whose effects on health are not always positive. This article did a systematical review that have found a negative association between social capital and health outcomes. Their objective was to classify the different types of negatives effects, following a framework originally proposed by Portes (1998)

Jan. 11, 2021 Global Toolkit

International Classification of Primary Care - 3rd Revision

Providers of healthcare, policy makers, funders and researchers need to have information about the epidemiology of their communities, and they need to understand what is happening within primary care to improve health services. More and more the influential political bodies in the world as OECD, UN, and local governments are showing interest in well-being/functioning of the population. To use only diagnoses to describe the health of the population became too limited especially in a world where people are getting older with an increase in morbidity and functioning problems with age. Too often and for too long it seems that we have overvalued highly specialized care rather than focusing more on what people want to receive in care and how their health situation is presented, i.e. what the reason for encounter is. For Primary Health Care providers to effectively record information about this as part of routine clinical practice ...