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Feb. 25, 2016 Europe

My life, my support, my choice

Feb. 25, 2016 Global

WHO’s global survey on assistive technologies

Feb. 15, 2016 Global

The Patient-Centered Health Record

Feb. 14, 2016 Europe

Personalised Integrated Care Programme

Feb. 12, 2016 Americas Europe Western Pacific

How High-Need Patients Experience the Health Care System in Nine Countries

Feb. 11, 2016 Europe

From integrated care towards DIY Health - Combining person-centered health care delivery, mobile technology and entrepreneurship

Feb. 11, 2016 Africa

Strategies and incentives for enhancing the application of health impact assessment (HIA) in Nigeria: a view from those who should know

Feb. 10, 2016 Africa

Social solidarity and the right to health: essential elements for people-centred health systems

Feb. 10, 2016 Africa

Counting the cost of child mortality in the World Health Organization African region

Feb. 10, 2016 Africa

Modernization and development: impact on health care decision-making in Uganda