IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


Sept. 29, 2021 Europe

Implementation of patient-centred care: which system-level determinants matter from a decision maker’s perspective? Results from a qualitative interview study across various health and social care organisations

The healthcare system is characterised by a high degree of complexity and involves various actors at different institutional levels and in different care contexts. To implement patient-centred care (PCC) successfully, a multidimensional consideration of influencing factors is required. Our qualitative study aims to identify system-level determinants of PCC implementation from the perspective of different health and social care organisations (HSCOs).

The results showed the necessity of enforcing paradigm changes at the system level from disease-centredness to patient-centredness while aligning policy and reimbursement decisions directly with patient needs and values. A systematic, long-term planned strategy that extends across all organisations is lacking, rather each organisation seeks its own possibilities to implement PCC activities under external restrictions.


BMJ Open