IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


April 30, 2018 Americas

Strategy for revitalization of the primary health care in Cuba

Despite the existence of an integrated model of health systems and services, the research conducted in the areas of management, support, health services and finances show some phenomena that weaken the capacity of responding to the population's health requirements, particularly the first care level. The range of possibilities offered by the transforming process in the health sector encourages putting forward a revitalizing strategy centered on the capacity and need of innovating and further developing the Cuban primary health care strategy. The bases supporting the proposal, the objectives and the strategic areas of development were presented, with the focus on revitalizing the capacities of the health care system to articulate an effective, sustainable and integrated strategy. Such strategy may respond to the existing problems and meet the new health challenges to guarantee access, equity and sustained quality in health services.

Authors: MSc. Pedro López Puig, MSc. Alina María Segredo Pérez, Dr. C. Ana Julia García Milian

Organization: Escuela Nacional de Salud Pública. La Habana, Cuba.

Publication date: March, 2014

Revista Cubana Salud Pública