IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


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Estimates from a 2023 study indicate that cancer will continue to grow as a leading cause of health and economic burden alongside global population ageing.

Consequently, health-care providers, including primary care teams, will increasingly face substantial challenges in caring for older people with cancer who have evolving, complex, and specific needs. More than 60% of new cancer diagnoses occur in adults aged 65 years and older in high-income countries, underpinning the importance of empowering primary health-care providers (including general practitioners, community nurses, allied health professionals, and pharmacists) to provide high-quality care to this at-risk population.

Nevertheless, geriatric oncology remains peripheral in the awareness of primary health-care providers. Therefore, raising awareness of the growing importance of geriatric oncology and fostering collaboration between primary health-care providers and oncogeriatric teams is essential to ensure optimal care for older people with cancer.


The Lancet