IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


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Person-centred sexual and reproductive health (PCSRH) care refers to care that is respectful of and responsive to people's preferences, needs, and values, and which empowers them to take charge of their own sexual and reproductive health (SRH). It is an important indicator of SRH rights and quality of care. Despite the recognition of the importance of PCSRH, there is a gap in standardized measurement in some SRH services, as well as a lack of guidance on how similar person-centred care measures could be applied across the SRH continuum. Drawing on validated scales for measuring person-centred family planning, abortion, prenatal and intrapartum care, we propose a set of items that could be validated in future studies to measure PCSRH in a standardized way. A standardized approach to measurement will help highlight gaps across services and facilitate efforts to improve person-centred care across the SRH continuum.


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