IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services



In March 2022, the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) launched its first survey across its network asking people to share their views on what integrated care means to them and the features of integrated care that they thought were most important in their experience and context.

At IFIC we think it is important that we understand how this concept is being used in practice to change and improve care for people and communities. We believe that as both the science and practice of integrated care evolve over time, the definition of integrated care is and will probably always be a continuous conceptual challenge for the movement. To understand this evolution, we are embarking on a project that will annually assess our network’s emergent set of practices around integrated care.

IFIC are delighted to publish the results of this first survey. It provides us as a Foundation with important information to guide our work including identifying gaps in our knowledge about the science and practice of integrated care. We look forward to continuing this work and publishing an updated report annually.


International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)