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General practice is the cornerstone of the NHS, helping around 50 million people in England every year, carrying out 370 million consultations last year. So, when GPs and their patients tell us that general practice is in crisis, we should all be concerned.

In 2022, the RCGP launched Fit for the Future: a new plan for GPs & their patients to put pressure on politicians and decision makers with responsibility for the NHS in England to commit to a bold new plan to provide GPs and patients with the support that they need.

This campaign follows our 2019 Fit for the Future (PDF file, 1.1 MB) vision which set out how, with the right tools and support, we can revitalise and reform general practice by 2030, so that it can continue to deliver world class patient care. Pressures on general practice have since intensified even further and have been exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19. Without urgent action from politicians and NHS decision makers, the ability of general practice to meet patients’ needs is in jeopardy.

Download RCGP Fit for the Future - a new plan for GPs and their patients (PDF file, 647 KB)




Royal College of General Practitioners