IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


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Aug. 26, 2022 Americas

Informing the implementation and use of person-centred quality indicators: a mixed methods study on the readiness, barriers and facilitators to implementation in Canada

Person-centred care (PCC) is a key component of high-quality healthcare, which actively engages patients and their caregivers in care decisions and considers patient needs, preferences and values. A focus on ‘person-centredness’ as opposed to ‘patient-centredness’ promotes a more holistic perspective on care, which is not limited to a person’s disease or illness, but also acknowledges the factors that influence a person’s well-being.PCC is a model of care that remains aspirational for many healthcare jurisdictions and sectors of care. However, in practice it has been challenging to implement as it requires changes in healthcare structures and processes.


BMJ Open