IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


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The goal of this Global Competency and Outcomes Framework for UHC is to advance improvements in health and progress towards UHC through aligning health worker education approaches with population health needs and health system demands. More specifically, the primary objective of this document is to provide guidance for the specification of pre-service and in-service competency-based education outcomes for health workers, which in turn inform the development of relevant curricula, learning activities and assessment approaches. Its main target audience is health workforce educators, but it can be of relevance also for licensing and regulatory authorities and health service and facility managers. With this framework, WHO sets out its recommended approach to competency-based health worker education outcomes; in so doing, it also provides conceptual and terminological clarity.

The Global Competency and Outcomes Framework for Universal Health Coverage identifies the health worker competencies towards the achievement of UHC organized within six domains: people-centredness, decision-making, communication, collaboration, evidence-informed practice and personal conduct. It then provides guidance for educators to integrate the competencies for UHC into competency-based curricula organized around specified practice activities for individual- and population- health services, as well as management and organization practice activities as relevant. This framework has been developed through the lens of 12-48 month pre-service education pathways. 


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