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A number of families living in our community experience many barriers to accessing health and social care. The problems that these families face are highly complex, often spanning over generations, and cannot be addressed by one agency alone.  The Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods (HHAN) Integrated Care Initiative attempts to connect services to address these barriers, and ensure families have their complex health and social needs met; keep themselves and their children safe; and keep families connected to society.

This article shows that in addition to serving families in Sydney, HHAN has also established place-based initiatives (PBI) in disadvantaged areas such as Redfern. Redfern PBI shares the HHAN location with housing, drug and alcohol services, and financial and legal services. This integration is intended to facilitate access to services and multi-agency support for vulnerable families in Redfern. Therefore, this study aims to assess for whom, when and why the HHAN GDP in Redfern works or not, and what are its results.



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