IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


Oct. 4, 2018 South-East Asia

Patient experience of primary care and advance care planning: a multicentre cross-sectional study in Japan.

Advance care planning (ACP) is a process whereby a patient, in consultation with health care providers, family members, and important others, makes decisions about his or her future health care. ACP process includes discussions regarding goals of care, resuscitation and life support, palliative care options, surrogate decision-making and advance directives (AD). Previous studies have shown positive impact of ACP on end-of-life care, including less aggressive medical care and better quality of life; decreased rates of hospital admission, especially of nursing home residents; and increased rates of hospice admission. So the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between patient experience of primary care and ACP.

BMC Family Practice