IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services



This call for papers is jointly organised by the journal Health Policy and Planning and the WHO Kobe Centre for Health and Development (WKC), with the support of the WHO Health Workforce Department, WHO Service Delivery Department, and the WHO Ageing and Life course Department. It is financially supported by the WHO Kobe Center. 

The title of the supplement is: "Meeting the health, welfare and social care needs of older people in low and middle income countries (LMICS) through innovations and enhanced human capital".

“Inviting empirical research on innovations in meeting the health, welfare and social needs of older populations in low and middle income countries, and relevant research from high-income countries that is transferable across settings (with use of technology as a particular cross-cutting theme).”

Papers speaking to each of the sub themes listed below will be targeted.

  • · The design, organisation, and financing of health and social care systems
  • · Transformative strategies and investments for health and social workforce planning, education, skills and the creation of decent jobs
  • · Innovations to empower older people in maintaining optimal functional ability

The supplement will have a maximum of 15 articles that cover the sub-themes (i.e. approximately 5 papers per sub theme). All papers will be subject to peer review. It is our aim that 75% of accepted papers will be led by authors from low- and middle-income countries. Selected authors will be invited to submit a full manuscript for peer-review. Accepted papers will be published as a special journal supplement in 2018. Full manuscripts should be submitted to Health Policy and Planning by 31 October 2017 through the submission link on the journal website (https://academic.oup.com/heapol).

During the submission process please note your paper is to be considered as part of a special issue.

Original research articles as well as review papers are invited.

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