IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services



The innovation center of the city council of Valencia, Las Naves,  in coordination with the Covenant on Demographic Change, organized the event “INTEGRATED CARE IN EUROPE: KEYS, CHALLENGES AND BEST PRACTICES” in order to spread the knowledge of Integrated Care and their benefits on the elderly.

The catastrophic events of the last year leading to a neglect of chronic conditions, we have seen a decline (A decline has been detected) in the physical, mental, and emotional health of our older citizens in Europe. Now more than ever, there is a need for an integrated approach to care, shifting the focus from a silo-based approach to social and health care delivery. Within the ValueCare project our (the) aim is to provide older adults with an intervention focused on value-based integrated care and improve the lives of not only these older participants, but also their caregivers, and the social and medical professionals who treat them.

The webinar organized by the Valencia Pilot Site of ValueCare aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge of Integrated Care among various Stakeholders at a European Level. It is a chance to impart the knowledge of experts in the field and to share experiences of integrated care programs in practice throughout Europe.