IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


Feb. 9, 2016 Americas

Partnering with patients to improve care: essential skills and strategies.

This link provides the contents from the conference organized by the McGill University Health Centre’s Institute for Strategic Analysis and Innovation (MUHC-ISAI), regarding patient centered health care systems.

The opening conference was performed by Angela Coulter, who reviewed the patient engagement history in health care systems and gave a broad overview on how patients could be involved in the entire functioning of the system.

In the website there can also be found the materials corresponding to the following six sessions:

  • Patient engagement leadership.
  • Patient partnership: recruitment, training, governance and evaluation.
  • How does the patient experience drive improvement?
  • Building capacity to lead quality improvement with patient partners.
  • Engaging patients to improve the clinical encounter.
  • Patient engagement in patient safety.

With these materials, the MUHC-ISAI shares an important amount of information and resources in order to improve the role of patients in current health systems.