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*** ISSIC will take place from the 24 June – 29 June  ***

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The International Summer School on Integrated Care, “Integrated Care in Theory and Practice” is organized by the Integrated Care Academy© and provides a one-week intensive training on theory and practice of integrated care. It is aimed at health and social care professionals, clinicians, researchers and managers who want to strengthen their understanding of integrated care, get a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in theory and practice, and hone their competencies in analyzing, designing, evaluating and practicing integrated care. The course has been developed for those who are tasked with designing, implementing, leading and/or managing integrated care and want to learn more about the tools and instruments which are available to them with evidence from around the world.

The International Summer School Integrated Care is designed as a stand-alone education and training course and is eligible for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or Continuous Medical Education (CME) credits for professionals and managers.

Integrated care is gradually moving out of its niche and into the focus of decision makers, clinicians and managers around the world. This has also spiked interest in how theories, concepts and components of integrated care can be operationalized and successfully implemented in practice. And while there is now sufficient evidence available to support the introduction of integrated care in principle, still many question marks remain around the contextualization and evaluation of such initiatives. In addition, the move from disease-focused to population management approaches including active participation of patients and communities further adds to the complexities. While a lot of efforts are put into the technicalities of integrated care, building the competencies necessary to work in and manage an integrated environment are often neglected.

The course will provide presentations, cases and discussions around the following topics:

Building blocks of integrated care: meeting population needs

People-centred care: definition, concepts and tools

Creating an environment for change: policy making for integrated care

Competencies for integrated care

Leading, managing and motivating people for change

Designing incentives and financial structures to support integrated care implementation

Making sense of data and technology: the intricacies of information sharing and technological support for integrated care

Monitoring and evaluating integrated care initiatives; creating a learning environment

The course is composed of lectures, case studies, group discussions and presentations and is designed to promote interaction among the participants and lecturers. A site visit will complement the learning experience, and a cultural programme will foster informal networking and taking in the unique and inspiring atmosphere of the city of Oxford.


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