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Nov. 29, 2017 Global   Other

Webinar: Making governance frameworks fit for practice

On Tuesday 5 December the Health Systems Governance Collaborative is hosting a free online webinar titled "Simply in order to amplify: Making governance frameworks fit for practice".

Featured presenters

Dr. Robert Fryatt, International Health Divison, Abt Associates Inc, and Dr. Sara Bennett, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.


It is increasingly recognized that governance has a big impact on health system functions and accountability. Historical factors, structural elements, and power dynamics all have a large role to play. Social sciences have been at the forefront of understanding and explaining how governance influences health systems and the types of reforms that are needed. But recent work suggests that many governance frameworks are too complex to be practical and inhibit rather than promote progress. So do we need to make things simpler?

This webinar invites members from SHAPES, the Health Systems Governance Collaborative and anyone else interested to engage in this debate. From practitioner, policymaker and academic standpoints, can we amplify the impact of governance work by simplifying our descriptions and depictions of governance actions and issues?


Tuesday 5 December at 14:00 GMT

For more information and to register, please visit: http://mailchi.mp/6cb48d704f87/webinar-invitation-december-5th 


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