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Sept. 12, 2017 Global   Conference

ISQua 34th International Conference: Learning at the System Level to Improve Healthcare Quality and Safety

ISQua is delighted to collaborate with The Health Foundation to host our 34th International scientific meeting on quality and safety in health care, which will take place in London 1- 4 October 2017. ISQua and The Health Foundation are an ideal partnership, with ISQua aiming to promote and support continuous improvement in the quality and safety of health care worldwide, and The Health Foundation's commitment to bring about better health care for people in the UK.

Over 1,500 health care professionals from around the world will be brought together to network and learn from each other in the hope of improving the quality and safety of health care in the UK and worldwide.

Research has shown that the best results are achieved when quality improvement and patient safety are focused at the care level. However quality improvement is made up of different but equally important parts, including person centred care, leadership and learning from each other.

Therefore the theme of this years conference "Learning at the System Level to Improve Healthcare Quality and Safety" while broad will incorporate 11 tracks: The Patient’s Voice, Data to Drive Decision Making/Policy, Sustainable Quality Improvement for LMIC's, Regulations Influence on Governance, Understanding Systems for Safety, Education through Learning & Sharing, Generalisability of Improvement Outcomes, Disruptive Improvement & Adaptive Change, Quality & Safety in Crisis, Quality in Mental Health, and Quality in the Community. 

For further information on these tracks please visit the Call for Papers Page

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