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The 41st World Hospital Congress (WHC) will take place on November 6-9, 2017 at the Taipei International Convention Centre, and will tackle the theme “Patient-friendly & Smarter Healthcare”. Healthcare leaders and professionals from both national healthcare organizations and hospitals will attend the congress to present case studies, implementation of new technologies and policies.

Tackling current and emerging challenges

The conference is bringing on the forefront representatives of national organizations that will be presenting how in their respective countries they respond to the current and emerging challenges for providing quality and safe health services to the population. Taiwan will share “Patient-centered NHI Medi-Cloud System” and personalized “My Health Bank System”. Among many sessions, changes in health services delivery models will be presented like the experience of the Norwegian Patient Safety Campaign.
Professionalization of healthcare management is a global priority after adopting a global directory on core competencies. The development of the web based competency platform will be presented as well as experiences of competency based approaches. Countries like Australia will show how they have embraced digital technologies in the health sector. Moving from traditional to digital healthcare delivery will be widely discussed.

Addressing new threats and reforms. 

The leaders of healthcare organizations will convene to discuss the following and agree on priorities in regard to cyber threats and service delivery reforms, during two side meetings.

Going further with international actions.

The congress will permit to the IHF members gathered for their General Assembly to adopt resolutions on the importance of outcome measurements, the need to fight against violence in hospitals and “tackling waste in all domains”.

For the first resolution, IHF members will try to mobilize partners, especially from research and academic fields, to develop measurement metrics on managerial and leadership performance in health service delivery.

The second resolution should lead to the publication of a report by IHF, based on a survey among its members to measure the scope of the problem of violence, the existing measurement tools in place or developed, and the programs adopted to fight against violence.

For the third resolution, the IHF will compile information from its members such as guidelines, research and approach of the issue to perhaps prepare recommendations.

Find out more about the program on the congress’ website: http://worldhospitalcongress.org/
Information and registration: http://worldhospitalcongress.org/registration/registration-fees-2/

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Taiwan, Province Of China