May 25, 2017

70th World Health Assembly

Region: Global Congress Empowering and engaging people and communities, Strengthening governance and accountability, Reorienting the model of care, Coordinating services within and across sectors, Creating an enabling environment, Multiple streams

The 70th World Health Assembly will take place from 22-31 May in Geneva, Switzerland. This annual event brings together health representatives from Member States, together with civil society organisations, to discuss challenges and solutions in global health.

Key events

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 from 12:30 to 14:00 in Room IX, Palais des Nations

Building Health Care Systems for the Future: Innovations from BRICS countries on people-centred reforms

This high-level side event sponsored by the People's Republic of China will highlight peole-centred service delivery innovations taking palce in BRICS countries, as well as the perspectives fo other countries, development partners, professional associations and patients organizations in adopting people-centred approaches to support progress towards UHC and the health-related SDGs.



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