IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services



Welcome to the first Global Conference on Person-Centred Care, that will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 14-16 May, 2024.
Optional pre-conference workshops will be offered lunch to lunch from 13-14 May.

The aim of the conference is to provide an arena for various stakeholders with an interest in furthering person-centred care practice, innovations, perspectives, and knowledges. The conference will platform explorations and accounts of person-centred care as related to several interdisciplinary and interprofessional fields, including integrated care, comprehensive care, and personalised health founded on partnerships, transcending healthcare practices and organisations, as well as policy and structural levels.

The conference will be of interest to health professionals from across the globe, patient and family carer representatives, researchers and students from various disciplines, leaders and decisions-makers in healthcare and health policy, as well as the healthcare industry. The conference will operate as a hybrid event, with condensed virtual sessions offered to those unable to attend on-site.
Keynotes and parallel streams will strive to synthesise and bridge a diversity of perspectives and knowledges in approaches to person-centred care.

Proposed presentations may consist of: empirical research, theoretical inquiries, methodological developments, practice-based examples, pedagogical approaches, and art and media. Presentation formats include: oral presentations, poster presentations, symposia, and workshops.

Key note speakers and details on abstract submissions will be announced on 1 June, 2023. Deadline for abstract submission will be 10 September, followed by a second call for abstracts, which will be limited to poster presentations, with deadline by the end of 2023.

Event detail
Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg, Sweden