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This panel discussion opens our ten-part lunchtime seminar series, “Primary Health Care (PHC): The heart of every health system” that will run once a month throughout the 2022/23 academic year. 

The seminar series provides an overview of the key functions and features of PHC; its potential in achieving universal health coverage and its role in global health. Seminars are led by speakers working in a range of settings.

In this opening zoom-based session our panel of cross-country experts will consider what is stopping PHC from being the heart of every health system??? 

Drawing on their own research and experiences, panellists will discuss the role of primary health care within the health system, why primary health care receives relatively little attention from both policymakers and researchers, despite evidence that health systems with strong primary health care health improve population health outcomes at lower cost and consider what should happen next. 


Liam Smeeth (LSHTM) is Professor of clinical epidemiology and Director of LSHTM. Liam is a GP in the NHS. 


  • Kara Hanson (LSHTM) is Professor of Health System Economics at LSHTM and led the Lancet Global Health Commission on Financing Primary Health Care.
  • Shannon Barkley (WHO) is the technical lead for PHC at the WHO who led the development of the Astana Declaration and supporting documents.
  • Alex Mold (LSHTM) is a historian of public health in modern Britain. 
  • Shabir Moosa (Wits University) is a Professor of Family Medicine with a history of general practice, community and political activism in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces. 


  • Luke Allen (LSHTM) is a practicing GP and a global health policy researcher who has worked on PHC at WHO and the World Bank. 
  • Luisa Pettigrew (LSHTM) is a practicing GP and currently researches the role of inspections in general practice and their impact on quality.
Follow webinar link. Free and open to all. No registration required.

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