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Jan. 14, 2022 Global   Webinar

Webinar: Unpacking the causes and manifestations of rural health inequities: the use of mixed methods research

19 January 2022 14:00 – 15:30 CET


Greeting by Chair: Theadora Swift Koller, Senior Technical Advisor, Health Equity, Director General’s Office, WHO/HQ


  • Addressing access barriers faced by rural communities in the Americas through participatory mixed methods analysis – Natalia Houghton and Ernesto Bascolo, PAHO;
  • Demystifying the barriers to health services in rural areas using mixed methods research– Sneha P Kotian, WONCA, Rural Seeds Ambassador South Asia;
  • Qualitative research, the Index of Deep Disadvantage, and rural health and wellbeing in the USA – Luke Shaefer, Director of Poverty Solutions, University of Michigan;
  • Bottlenecks and opportunities to have data on rural health better used in policymaking and programming - Ana Lorena Ruano, Researcher, Center for International Health, University of Bergen.

Closing remarks: Bruce Chater, Chair, WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice 



Wednesday 19 January 2022, 14h00-15h30 CET

Meeting ID: 951 2705 4357

Password: Rur#L-22

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