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IFIC Ireland hosts and facilitates a series of six webinars titled ‘Realising Integrated Care’ which forms one of the key delivery mechanisms enabling knowledge mobilisation across all stakeholders with an interest in developing and implementing integrated care within the healthcare systems on the island of Ireland. 

Session 3 – Enabling Virtual Care

Wednesday, July 21st 2021 2PM IST

Virtual care has experienced unpredictable rapid growth across the globe with the onset of Covid-19. The initial response to reduce clinical interventions across all levels of care so that  priority for treatment could be afforded to those most impacted by the disease required health and social care systems to swiftly implement, scale and support virtual care options to provide appropriate interventions and continuity of care for all. The panel will discuss what are the key enablers of virtual care, has the Covid-19 experience of rapid change under immense pressure to a new digital mode of delivery helped or hindered in the world of virtual care, reflect on service user and HCW experiences of virtual care and what the future of health and social care may look like with a population much more familiar with receiving and delivering care virtually. 


Session 2 – How can digital solutions support self-management

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 2pm IST

The proliferation of remote health monitoring options, reduced cost and time to delivery for mobile apps combined with a pressing need to reduce physical and social contacts in the time of a pandemic, has lead to swift implementation of innovative solutions. The panel will consider how remote monitoring can benefit and/or challenge patients and clinicianshelps to create a partnership approach to health management between activated, engaged patients and supportive clinicians and healthcare workers, and what the future of self-management can look like in the context of enhanced support for remote outpatient interventions and monitoring. 

Session 1 – Virtual Visiting and Peer Supports: virtual supports in a time of reduced social contact

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 2pm IST 

While there has been an emphasis on maintaining medical interventions with telemedicine in the past 12 months, the importance of social contact to recovery during acute health episodes cannot be underestimated. Those in our communities and wider society who were already vulnerable to social exclusion also found themselves further isolated as face-to-face interactions and interventions were drastically reduced. Our speakers today will outline how initiatives to support family and loved ones to virtually visit hospital patients across Northern Ireland and virtual peer-to-peer supports have provided opportunities to aid alternative social contacts during times of limited face-to-face interaction and support recovery in very different environments. The session will incorporate a case study approach – our speakers will provide details of their project ahead of the session which can be reviewed by attendees to submit questions prior to the session for an interactive learning session. 

Chair – Martin Hayes, ECHO Programme Manager, HSC NI

Virtual Visiting Service @ Southern Health and Social Services Trust – Mairéad Casey and Dr Neal A. Morgan. Poster available here

HAIL: Delivering Mental Health Recovery Peer Support Remotely – Naoise Cunningham and John Curry. Poster available here


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