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e-Mental Health International Conference 2020

Delivering person-centred care through new technology

The Priority Research Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research (University of Newcastle, Australia), following their success in organising the e-Mental Health International Conference in 2016 and 2018,  once again brings the conference to you. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, conference will be held online this year.

The conference will provide a forum focusing on applying information and communication technologies in person-centred strategies of mental health care. It will contribute to generating, verifying and refining theories and practices of employing technologies in person-centred care. Specific objectives are:

  • To review initiatives in using information and communication technologies in person-centred care delivery.
  • To reinforce the significance of evidence based e-health practice in promoting, maintaining and restoring health.
  • To define critically the roles of e-health in attaining excellence in care and explore the issues related to these roles.
  • To examine global and regional strategies of enhancing e-health practice and research.
  • To promote a renewed sense of commitment to e-health through regional and international networking and collaboration.

Conference details

  • When: 5th and 6th November, 2020 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
  • Where: Online via Zoom
  • Contact: cbmhr@newcastle.edu.au

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