IPCHS. Integrated People-Centred Health Services


Image from Gerd Altmann in Pixabay

One of the keys to successful integrated care programs are financing and incentive arrangements that directly promote integrated care provision. Moreover, that these incentives are collective – in other words, how both financial commitments and gains are shared between care organisations and participating professionals. The ability to align financial incentives is a global issue but especially so in Australia where financial flows are highly fragmented. This webinar seeks to examine the challenges that misaligned finance and incentives bring and the potential solutions. The webinar will conclude with a discussion forum that seeks to establish the key messages that policy makers need to hear if integrated care at a clinical or service level can be better enabled. This webinar forms part of a series helping to support IFIC Australia co-produce an evidence-informed ‘Declaration on Integrated Care’ that provides a clear and compelling case for the policies and actions required to achieve it.

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