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Feb. 22, 2022 Global Publication

Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Person-Centered Healthcare

  • Provides an in-depth study of person-centered healthcare conceptual background

  • Presents modeling, simulation, implementation, and advanced monitoring aspects

  • Offers a multidisciplinary approach-based study joining efforts of author teams coming from the international community

Nov. 3, 2023 Western Pacific Publication

'Walking-the-talk': How to co-design an innovative and sustainable integrated care learning programme

Integrated care facilitates better outcomes for patients and their family, health workforce and health and social care systems. Accordingly, integrated care is a global and inherent area of work for health professionals. Despite this, formal learning programmes for workforce development in integrated care are still rare. In this paper, I have shared lessons about developing an innovative and sustainable integrated care learning programme for teachers, practitioners and learners in integrated care discipline. These lessons are drawn from my experience of leading an integrated care specialisation programme (that sits at Australian Qualification Framework Level 9) at a public university in Australia. An integrated care learning programme should be designed with appropriate philosophies (e.g., social constructivism and connected learning) and relevant multidisciplinary content that addresses deficiencies in practices of integrated care. Moreover, the programme should aim for sustainability, through financial feasibility and continuity with offering of creative and effective solutions in ...