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July 23, 2018 Americas Publication

Patient-centred care for multimorbidity: an end in itself?

Multimorbidity, which is defined as living with two or more chronic health problems, is a major and growing problem, especially in societies with ageing populations and substantial socioeconomic disparities. It is associated with reduced quality of life, impaired functional status, poor physical and mental health, and increased mortality

April 4, 2017 Global Publication

Public health expenditure and health system responsiveness for low-income individuals: results from 63 countries

Improvement in overall responsiveness to people´s expectations is an important goal for any health system; socioeconomic equity in responsiveness is equally important. So this article assesses the relationship of the proportion of public health expenditure over total health expenditure (PPHE) with responsiveness for poorest individuals and the difference in responsiveness between the richest and poorest individuals. We use data from six responsiveness dimensions (prompt attention, dignity, choice, clarity of information, confidenciality and quality of basic amenities) of outpatient services from World Health Survey data from 63 countries.