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March 2, 2016 Global Publication

Engaging youth in communities: a framework for promoting adolescent and community health

Health researchers and practitioners increasingly recognise the important role communities play in shaping individual health. Health researchers recognise the role of community factors as causes or determinants of health problems; use community-based methods for understanding complex health issues; and design community-level health solutions. In this commentary, we propose a fourth way to think about the role of communities in individual health by arguing that the community engagement process itself has implications for individual health and strong communities. This topic is especially important during adolescence, a developmental window of opportunity during which individuals need meaningful opportunities to contribute to the world around them.

Oct. 31, 2017 Global Publication

The dark side of social capital: A systematic review of the negative health effects of social capital

There is a growing literature demonstrating the health benefits of social capital (defined as the resources accessed thorugh social connections). However, social capital is also acknowledged to be a "double-edged" phenomenon, whose effects on health are not always positive. This article did a systematical review that have found a negative association between social capital and health outcomes. Their objective was to classify the different types of negatives effects, following a framework originally proposed by Portes (1998)