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Sept. 1, 2016 Global

Community engagement for resilient health systems

Public health is at an important crossroad.  Although, there is no universally agreed definition of “community engagement” within the health sector, there is growing recognition that community engagement has a wide reach that can fundamentally influence the direction and quality of public health implementation efforts.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa - the world’s largest and most protracted Ebola response in history - reinforced that “context” and “culture” matter. The experience underscored the interdependent and reciprocal relationship between health service providers and health service users. The actions or inactions of service providers and response teams deeply impacted community trust, understanding and reactions.

In addition, four decades of health programme implementation experience ranging from immunization to maternal and child health and more recently health emergencies, has shown that there are conceptual, technical, programmatic and structural barriers to scaling-up and institutionalizing existing models of best practice in community engagement, participation and ...

Nov. 5, 2021 Africa Publication

Service Use and Resilience among Adolescents Living with HIV in Blantyre, Malawi

Adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) experience social and health challenges that warrant the provision of services and relational support to build resilience. We examine formal and alternative service use by and resilience of ALHIV participating in an enhanced teen-club clinic (TCC) programme. Little is known about how social, community and health services help. Adolescent centred-approaches have the potential to enhance resilience promoting resources and outcomes.

Aug. 12, 2022 Europe Publication

Resilience of the primary health care system – German primary care practitioners’ perspectives during the early COVID-19 pandemic

Primary care is a relevant pillar in managing not only individual, but also societal medical crises. The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded a rapid response from primary care with interventions in the health care system. The aim of this paper was to explore the responses of primary care practitioners (PCP) during the early COVID-19 pandemic and to analyze these with a view on the resilience of the primary health care system from the PCPs perspective.

Sept. 20, 2022 Europe Event

World Health Summit 2022


The World Health Organization looks forward to co-organizing this year’s World Health Summit (WHS), 16-18 October in Berlin, Germany.

The 2022 World Health Summit aims to stimulate innovative approaches to health challenges worldwide; reaffirm the position of global health as a key political issue, foster health and well-being of all, and strengthen the international exchange of information. The WHS 2022 will create synergies and combine forces by engaging all relevant global health leaders and stakeholders from all sectors in all regions of the world.

WHS 2022 will focus on “Making the Choice for Health” by reflecting on the most pressing topics, including:

Investment for Health and Well-Being

Climate Change and Planetary Health

Architecture for Pandemic Preparedness

Digital Transformation for Health

Food Systems and Health

Health Systems Resilience and Equity

Global Health for Peace


Programme and ...