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Jan. 4, 2017 Global Event

WEBINAR Integrated Care Matters Series - A House of Care and Compassion

The International Foundation for Integrated Care is delighted to introduce a new series of webinars on people-centred integrated care in practice.The series will be hosted by IFIC – Scotland in collaboration with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the Health and Social Care Alliance, the University of the West of Scotland and the Scottish School of Primary Care.

Each monthly webinar will feature health and care practitioners from Scotland in conversation with colleagues from across the World. All of the ‘Home and Away’ presenters have lived experience of implementing people-centred integrated care and will offer practical tips and peer support as part of IFIC’s global community of practice.

Each one hour session will include insights from people who currently use health and social care support and from undergraduate students as the future workforce.

Each webinar will extend IFIC’s on-line knowledge tree of tools and resources related to the specific integrated care ...

June 22, 2021 Africa Event

Global Health Compassion Rounds: Compassion, WASH, and Quality of Care

The world requires urgent action on WASH for the benefit of people across the world. Compassion is increasingly recognized as a critical consideration for health and development. The need for compassion—awareness, empathy and action—to be at the heart of quality of care efforts has never been so important. The confluence of these three areas—compassion/WASH/quality—requires active exploration to help us collectively accelerate urgent action. Join us as we learn how specific WASH tools are vectors for compassion in the health arena and explore how this “compassion-WASH-quality” triangulation can yield positive results for people.