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May 22, 2020 Europe, Global News

Call for an expression of interest: Behavioural, social and economic impacts of the outbreak response

The European Commission´s second call for an Expression of Interest for innovative and rapid health-related approaches to respond to COVID-19 and to deliver quick results for society for a higher level of preparedness of health systems:

Proposals should focus on lessons learnt: they should i) address how to mitigate social and economic impacts of the outbreak response related to health systems; ii) identify non-intended consequences of epidemic-control decisions; and iii) provide answers to social, including gendered, dynamics of the outbreak and the related public health response.

In particular, in their proposals the applicants are encouraged to integrate multiple medical, social sciences and humanities disciplines, including anthropology, psychology, sociology, epidemiology, implementation science, journalism & communication, economics and political sciences, as well as gender studies and intersectional research to address the following inter-related dimensions.

Submit an Expression of Interest by June 11, 2020.