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Oct. 30, 2020 Americas Publication

Financing of integrated health service networks

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean need to increase their public resources in health to expand equitable and efficient access to health. The increase should finance a specific model with proven effectiveness, such as integrated health service networks (IHSN) based on primary health care. The global literature has not paid sufficient attention to financing IHSN; rather, it has focused on isolated facilities and agents, as well as on specific mechanisms. However, in the Region of the Americas, their development has been a necessity for years. An IHSN is a group of health organizations that offers coordinated health interventions and services to a population under their charge and assumes health and economic responsibility for achieving better health outcomes. A system of payment to an IHSN should be aimed at promoting the integrality of care and encouraging a focus on the life cycle of individuals, the articulation and the coordination ...